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CapVent Partner’s proven investment strategy spans all stages of a company's growth, from seed capital in emerging markets to funding early stage companies in high-growth markets to fueling the growth of market leaders. Any stage of growth is the right stage to partner with CapVent. While each opportunity is reviewed individually, elements common to all CapVent Partner’s investments include:
✓ Transformational management teams with an entrepreneurial vision, drive and pertinent experience.
✓ Companies, which address dynamic markets with high growth rates and substantial size
✓ Industry leading edge or breakthrough technology with a proprietary and/or a leadership position.
✓ Thoughtful assessment of the risks of the target market sector and those inherent in early stage companies.


We can add value and offer expert guidance throughout your company’s lifecycle—whether your big idea is at its inception or has already progressed to be a viable reality. At CapVent Partners, we believe a full business plan is less important than a concise, focused synopsis of management’s vision for achieving market success and the resources necessary to take the Company into a global lead position. We prefer to deal with an opportunity at the stage when the management team has grown the business as far as it can on Founder’s capital and needs additional funding to take the company to the next level.

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